The KittyCordion

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It has been proven that many cats feel like they do not have their own territory inside of households. You may not notice it, but this can cause stress and anxiety for your cat, as well as causing them to damage furniture, and other objects, as they look for a place to scratch.
Average cat scratchers are good for a while, but they aren’t versatile, and only last a little bit before your cat completely scratches all of it. Veterinarians recommend 30-60 minutes of playtime, daily, for your cat to be at it’s best health. So, providing your cat with an area where they can be happy, playful, stress free, and scratch all over the place, is a cats heaven, and drastically improves their health!
This is exactly why we made the KittyCordion. It’s been shown to provide a response from your cat like no other toy has. Every cat that has one, goes crazy over it!
Our fully flexible and extendable accordion-like structure has magnetic ends that connect together. When connected, it can be stretched, inverted, flipped, and more!
You can create several amazing structures out of the KittyCordion providing your cat with endless hours of playtime.
They can play inside, and outside of it, scratch it, roll on it, and when they’re all tired from the intense play session, it can even be turned into a bed! The possibilities are endless!
 Durable cardboard construction!
 Jingling ball included!
 Endless entertainment for your furry friend
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